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provides specialty tape for hula hoops, craft, education, scrapbooking, fishing, gymnastics, calisthenics and the entertainment industry. Our range includes holographic, colour-changing, sequin, glitter, novelty, Duck, gaffer, electrical, vinyl, duct and even glow in the dark tapes. You can search our store for tape by colour or by type. To choose the size that’s right for your project, use the drop down menu for each tape before adding it to your shopping bag.

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Exotic Silver Holographic Dazzler

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This holographic baby is almost indescribable! You will find a strong silver base with swirls, diamonds and crosses of rainbows so shimmery that it will confuse your eyes. Different angles and lights give different looks - a bit like spinning a kaleidoscope - wont ever be quite the same twice. This tape is paper backed for ease of application and cutting. Perfect on hoops but also rather magical on any performance kit. And if you're a crafter or enthusiast and you just need to play with the shiniest, most stunning tape around then this is the one!

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