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MoonGlow Blue Glow Tape

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Brand: Pretty Sticky

Want a Blue Glow? This tape will give you a perfect blue moon finish. With a glow of up to 18 hours (with gradually diminishing brightness) after 10 minutes of light it reaches190mcd/lux/sq.m. Being a vinyl tape with a matte finish it is easily written on with a permanent texta. The tape has a peel-off backing so be sure to apply only to clean, dry, oil free surfaces.

This US made photo-luminescent tape meets requirements of ASTM E 2072. Any type of light will charge the tape however, sunlight, halogen, xenon, & fluorescent lights can fully charge within 10 minutes. It can be recharged nearly an indefinite number of times and can last as long as 20 years in the right environments. Great for camping - find your torch or drink bottle easily, backstage in theatres and even at home under light switches or at the top of a handrail or doorway.

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