Our story

Run by Deb Madigan, Pretty Sticky Tape is an Australian owned family business supplying high quality specialty decorative tape to the world. We have around 500 different types of sparkly, shiny, holographic and grippy tapes. You’ll find a rainbow of colours with our gaffer, colour-changing, sequin, mirror, prismatic, high-gloss vinyl, duct and electrical tapes.

We love sourcing the best fancy tapes for all purposes and offer amazing Hula Hoop tape to hoopers. Of course, we also use it to tape our own fabulous custom hula hoops at Pretty Sticky Circus.

Our tapes are used for education and museums, the entertainment industry, gymnastics and calisthenics clubs and dance schools. The fishing industry uses our tape to make lures and horse lovers use it for their decorative horse tack. Of course, stationery, craft and scrapbook addicts also use our tapes!

We are constantly expanding our products and discovering new industries that need our tape. If there is a tape you are searching for that we don’t currently stock or that you can’t find anywhere, please contact us and we will do everything we can to help you.